hon|our1 W3 BrE honor AmE [ˈɔnə US ˈa:nər] n
1¦(something that makes you proud)¦
3 in honour of somebody/something
4¦(given to somebody)¦
5¦(moral principles)¦
6¦(at university/school)¦
7 Your/His/Her Honour
8 place of honour
9 with full military honours
10 do the honours
11 your word of honour
12 be an honour to somebody/something
13 be/feel honour bound to do something
14 on your honour
1.) ¦(SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU PROUD)¦ [singular] formal
something that makes you feel very proud
It is a great honour , something I never expected.
Over 100 players competed for the honour of representing the county in the National Finals.
Earlier this year, I had the honor of meeting the President.
It is an honour to have you here.
Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?
2.) ¦(RESPECT)¦[U]
the respect that you, your family, your country etc receive from other people, which makes you feel proud
honour of
He was prepared even to die in order to defend the honour of his family.
national/family/personal etc honour
For the French team, winning tomorrow's game is a matter of national honour.
3.) in honour of sb/sth
a) in order to show how much you admire and respect someone
The stadium was named in honour of the club's first chairman.
in sb's honour
A special dinner will be held in her honour.
b) to celebrate an event
An oak tree was planted in honour of the occasion .
something such as a special title or ↑medal given to someone to show how much people respect them for what they have achieved
Reverend Peters was nominated for the honour by colleagues at Walworth Methodist Church.
highest honour
(=most important honour)
The medal is the highest honour the association can bestow (=give) .
strong moral beliefs and standards of behaviour that make people respect and trust you
My father was a man of honour and great integrity.
Her actions were always guided by a deep sense of honour (=strong desire to do what is morally right) .
matter/point/question of honour
(=something that you feel you must do because of your moral principles)
It had become a point of honour not to tell him about Lori.
a) with honours
BrE if you pass a university degree with honours, you pass it at a level that is higher than the most basic level
b) with honors
AmE if you finish high school or college with honors, you get one of the highest grades
c) First Class/Second Class Honours
BrE the highest or second highest level of degree at a British university
7.) Your/His/Her Honour
used when speaking to or about a judge
No, Your Honour.
8.) place of honour
the seat or place which is given to the most important guest or object
The vase she gave me occupies the place of honor in my living room.
9.) with full military honours
if someone is buried with full military honours, there is a military ceremony at their funeral
10.) do the honours
spoken to pour the drinks, serve food etc at a social occasion
Liz, would you do the honors?
11.) your word of honour
a very serious promise that what you are saying is true
I won't try to see you again. I give you my word of honour .
12.) be an honour to sb/sth
to bring admiration and respect to your country, school, family etc because of your behaviour or achievements
He's an honour to his family and his country.
13.) be/feel honour bound to do sth
formal to feel that it is your moral duty to do something
We felt honor bound to attend their wedding.
14.) on your honour
a) if you swear on your honour to do something, you promise very seriously to do it
b) old-fashioned if you are on your honour to do something, you are being trusted to do it
15.) ¦(SEX)¦[U]
old use if a woman loses her honour, she has sex with a man she is not married to
guest of honour atguest1 (1), ↑maid of honour
COLLOCATES for sense 1
great honour
rare honour (=a very special honour)
dubious honour (=something that you are not sure that you should be proud of)
the honour of doing something
have the honour of doing something
it is an honour to do something (=used as a polite way of saying that you are pleased to do something)
do somebody the honour of doing something (=make someone proud and happy by doing something for them)
honour 2
honour2 BrE honor AmE v [T]
1.) be/feel honoured (to do sth)
to feel very proud and pleased
I felt very honoured to be included in the team.
2.) formal to show publicly that someone is respected and admired, especially by praising them or giving them a special title
honour sb with sth
He was honored with an award for excellence in teaching.
honour sb for sth
Two firefighters have been honoured for their courage.
3.) honour a promise/contract/agreement etc
to do what you have agreed to do
Once again the government has failed to honour its promises.
We pray that both sides will continue to honour their commitment to the peace agreement.
4.) to treat someone with special respect
In a marriage, you need to honour one another.
I was treated like an honored guest .
5.) honour a cheque
if your bank honours a cheque that you have given someone, it pays the money to that person
6.) sb has decided to honour us with their presence
used humorously when someone arrives late, or to someone who rarely comes to a meeting, class etc

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